Knitted by hand (!), on Iceland

Comes named and signed by knitter 

100% Icelandic wool (and yarn)

Really thick and warm

A masterpiece!


The story behind this sweater started with the book "Svenska Sjömanstatueringar". In it I found pictures of Tattoo Holger (Holger Jürgens), wearing a similar sweater. I fell in love and started working on a new, modern version. It is knitted by hand (!), just like the one Holger is wearing back in the 1930's. Holger Jürgens had a famous tattoo studio in Copenhagen, named Nyhavn 17.


The wool- and knitting industry is kind of nasty sometimes, especially when it comes to hand-knitted products that most often are made in low-cost countries in order to get cheap enough to sell with margins. I have taken another route - as always. I found a prestigious and renowned solution on Iceland, where hand-knitting still is a thing. The result is nine sweaters in total, all marked and signed by the person knitting it of course.


Keep in mind that through this purchase you have now contributed to the crafts in both Iceland and Sweden. You have contributed and made them continue into the future, giving future generations the opportunity to hopefully learn the craft. We think that’s something that you should be very, very proud of!


3 999,00 krPris
  • Wool is a fantastic material that actually washes itself. Hang the sweater outside in the air, instead of washing it. If you were to get a stain, use hand wash.

  • Do you wonder why it costs what it costs? 

    Feel free to send us an email and we will share our cost calculation with you! The best thing with manufacturing products locally and ethically correct is that you got nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t need to have any secrets!